In-house Development of Custom RTL Design Applications

Defacto’s STAR is also an application development environment for CAD Teams to develop in-house and custom RTL applications. 

It allows multi-APIs access to “RTL Build & Signoff” capabilities with higher flexibility beyond Tcl.



High Level Benefits

 Provide unique customization capabilities

Open an in-depth access to a unified data model

Allow high-level capabilities for RTL editing, design exploration and hierarchy handling

Reduce up to 80% of software development workload

Reduce up to 80% of software development workload


Typical Applications

Development of Eclipse Plugin for RTL Visualization

flow eclipse

Top Level RTL Connectivity Extraction as a Perl Extension

Flow Perl

Development of Custom DRC Engine 

  • Missing connections, multiple drivers, undefined designs, etc...
  • Design cleaning: tie-off floating pins, undriven glue logic, feedback loops, etc...

Flow Perl

STAR Key Features 

  • Persistent and extensible language independent data-structure
  • Unified (HDL format agnostic) API for design exploration and design editing
    • Extended support of VHDL and System Verilog data types
    • Mixed language support
    • Mixed gate-level and RTL support
  • Advanced API for design hierarchy manipulation and connectivity exploration
  • User-friendly multi development language API: C++, Java, Perl, Python
  • Add-on libraries (Perl, Python, Java) with sample applications


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