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Defacto Technologies is an innovative chip design software company providing breakthrough RTL platforms to enhance integration, verification and Signoff of IP cores and System on Chips. 

To deliver greater functionality, higher performance, at much lower power for next-generation applications such as for automotive, mobile, and servers, leading edge SoCs are needed. Meeting time-to-market requirements and lowering the overall cost including design steps also become a critical factor of success.

Since more than 15 years Defacto is continiously innovating in the area of RTL design automation. By adopting Defacto’s STAR design solutions, major semiconductor companies are continuously moving from traditional and painful post synthesis design tasks up to RTL. The ROI for such a methodology move has been proven for hundreds of projects. 

Best trade-off  

After a first success in the area of DFT moving traditional DFT checks and enhancements pre-synthesis, Defacto has now proven the effectiveness of STAR through a unique “RTL Build & Signoff” design solution. STAR helps reaching PPA requirements for leading-edge SoCs by lowering the overall design cost. 

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Headquartered in the French Alps with a US branch in California, Defacto has today a worldwide presence with a 24/7 support all over the world.

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